“Again proves herself a sympathetic designer of immense talent.”  The Advertiser

“Mention must be made of another superb set from Gaelle Mellis, whose reputation precedes her, but even I was unprepared…”  dB magazine

“Gaelle Mellis has created yet another superbly integral design.” Justine Shih Pearson 

“What is genius about Jenny Sealey’s direction and Gaelle Mellis’ design for Reasons to be Cheerful is that on the surface the production appears to be gloriously chaotic, but there is no doubt that this is an exquisite example of organised chaos.”  Dr Tilly Branson UK

“Designer Gaelle Mellis’s stage is set out as a kind of salon, where the six artists sit around on chairs and performances seem to evolve by accident into something transcending” The Advertiser

“…the effectively vestigal set and costumes of Gaelle Mellis.” New York Post

 “She has, of course, produced a great design for this production as well. This is only one of the strings to her artistic bow and in this production, we get to see what a fine creator of new work and an insightful director she is… The price of a ticket may be measured in dollars, but the performance is priceless.”  Glam Adelaide

“The company’s high quality is due not only to the directors, tutors and performers…Gaelle Mellis is a frequent designer” Adelaide Review

‘Finally, there is a weird, wonky wit and striking originality underlying Gaelle Mellis’ costumes.” Curtain Call UK

“The first thing you notice is Gaelle Mellis’s design. “   Theatre Notes

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